Banana Bread and lists

Laura Balombini

I have journals from years back in which I've kept notes, sketches and lists. I'm a list maker. They clear my cobwebs and help prioritize tasks. In grade school I noticed I started to make three columns ..NOW...LATER..FUTURE. In high school they were SCHOOL..ART..OTHER. In college they were CLASS..CLAY..MUSIC. Young mothers rarely have time for list making except for GROCERY..BILLS..KIDS..but there was always a little square somewhere on the page where I'd remind myself of a book, lyric, flower seed to plant..remember to get the boys new socks or add a little molasses to the bit for the new pony so she'd be easier to bridle. My column titles now include MICROBIOME..GALLERIES..PUBLIC ART...and in that little square in the corner or the page I note that the name of the Native American woman that visits me in the studio to sell her home made banana bread is ANNA. 

Anna comes in quietly through the open door and waits with a tray full of small breads wrapped in Saran Wrap. She takes in the art and watches me paint for a moment then asks if I'd like pumpkin or banana? I never refuse..It never crosses my mind to say no. She has worked to make food for others to enjoy and I am grateful for her gift. I pay and wrap a newly sewn scarf around her shoulders ..say thanks and she's out the door..but turns as she passes the window and waves to me .."happy thanksgiving" she says.                                      I write in the corner of the canvas I'm painting..kindness.






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