I know..what do we do to help this feeling of helplessness..anger..despair.

Laura Balombini

When I was 15 my mother had a brain operation to remove a tumor. Dad told us later they never expected her to live. He bought me some new colored markers and a journal..I drew, wrote, composed songs and learned early on that artwork and journaling was my go to place to feel better..still is. I'll be creating some new art workshops for after Thanksgiving when we we will all need a safe place to think and be. Some will be for the sole purpose of telling our narratives, finding a voice and sharing our hearts with like minded folks. I'll be incorporating trail riding, hot spring visits and gluten free baking into our 3-4 day art workshops to add some fun. Come to Corrales New Mexico and "B Creative" with friends , family , co's time to live a little. 

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  • This sounds like wonderful medicine for our Times Laura. I wish we were not separated by so many miles. Thank you for offering this invitation to others as a way of finding and developing identities rooted in our physical relationships with the natural world.
    If I am ever in the Southwest I will be sure to find you and maybe we can make things together!
    I am so grateful for your light.

    Iana CraneWing

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