doing shows closer to home studio..requires patience

Laura Balombini

First things first..still HOT here in NM. If my tomatoes could talk they'd say..WATER PLEASE. I've picked off the tomato caterpillars and sprayed plants with neem oil which seemed to help give them a bit of renewed energy till they fulfill their destiny which is to give me a few red tomatoes to slice and savor. 

Last week end was a local first time show..Albuquerque Art Showcase.

local galleries gathered to let their buyers know they are still showing beautiful work and now some like myself are offering workshops and evening events to make use our spaces with slower sales during our hot summers. If the cities artists and venues work together this could become a must see event with movie makers moving here from LA and home owners looking for more affordable housing than Colorado and CA. Did you attend ? what'd ya think? 

It's easy..very easy to allow the days world problems seep into our hearts and work..I know myself I could easily mount a show and fill my walls with "BIG FAT LIARS" ..grotesque creatures with slimy hands and hollow eyes..I see them when I shut my eyes...but it's almost too easy. These creatures have always surrounded us..governed us..abused us. Instead I consider stories and images of what might be..could our's the only way I can go to the studio and work. 

I was listening to Pilgrim at Tinker Creek ..Anne Dillard won the Pulitzer for describing the life of the ecosystem surrounding her home. We are only part of a much larger with infinite stories...and endings.

tinker creek 8"x8" (one of a set)  on aluminum backing  95.00

here's a link to newest newsletter for shows, workshops 

Ciao ..L. BaLoMbiNi 



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